Jogging Tracks

Walking and jogging are two good forms of exercise. The public park will have long walkways/ jogging tracks around the park and through the gardens, open to the public for morning and evening walks and jogging.


Open Gym

Provides a Variety of fitness equipment for workout.The specialty of the open gym is the roof covered workout areawith solar panels and also with hanging gardens around the building, making the ambience enticing.



Chittilappilly Square has three types of cycles for fun and exercise. Besides normal bicycle, four-wheeled Family Cycles for family entertainment and Duet Cycle / Tandem cycles for a duet / couple ride are also available.

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There is natural garden with park benches for visitors to sit and relax. The city dwellers need to refresh and recharge themselves from increasing stresses. ChiIlappilly Square is envisaged to become the lungs of the city, with its gardens with a lot of vegetaKon and open spaces and beautiful landscapes making the air and surroundings pure.


Swimming Pool

Separate swimming pools for adults and kids are available in the park. Swimming is a fun activity, and it’s the best way to keep you fit & healthy as well. Swimming coaching facility is also provided.